Wednesday, March 02, 2005

AirTran Commercial

I've heard this commercial on the radio several times now. It always cracks me up. The gist of it goes like this.

Announcer: And on AirTran, we can guarantee that this won't happen.
Man: Hey cool, I'm sitting next to a robot!
Robot: I am the Insultabot 9000. You must be single.
Man: Why, because I'm sitting by myself?
Robot: No, because you're ugly. Ha ha ha.
Man: Huh?
Robot: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Man: To get to the other...
Robot: Because you're ugly.
Man: That's not nice.
Robot: I must say, you have a lovely eyebrow.
Man: Cut it out.
Robot: (long pause) You're ugly. (background robot laughter)
Man: Where's your off switch?
Robot: Here, pull my finger.
Man: Oh, ok. (farting noise) Gross!
Robot: Good one.

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Meilseoir Schwartzthal said...

Me too! I always wanted to find this one (maybe in .wav or .mp3 form someday).