Saturday, March 12, 2005

Call up the patent office, I'm on fire!

I need to invent two things. When I say this, I am disregarding any physical hurdles to actually inventing these things. But it sure would be nice.

1. Detachable limbs. My arms always get in the way or fall asleep when I'm in bed at night. I'd like to be able to take them off and set them aside to help me sleep. Plus, wouldn't it be fun to take off your arm and hit someone with it?

2. Frozen salad. I like salad, but I always buy it and then it goes bad before I can eat it. We have practically every other vegetable frozen, why not salad?

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3. Chicken-flavored antibiotics. For cats and dogs. They're just not digging the pink bubblegum stuff we got when we were kids.

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Matt said...

The first time I read the subject for this post I thought, "How is calling the patent office going to help if you're on fire?"