Monday, March 21, 2005

Continuing with the theme du jour

Does Congress seek due process or political gain? - From USA Today. I tend to lean towards the latter.

And for a slightly different (and I must admit, slightly surprising) take, Jim's blog post on the subject.


Jim said...

Personally I dont think politics had too much to do with this, most notably because the majority of Americans seem to support the husband's cause here - 56% according to a CNN poll. Notably, that includes 54% of Republicans and 55% of those who "attend church regularly." This suggests that divisions on this issue are not on any kind of "party lines." So it wouldn't make sense politically for republican congressmen to push this bill. Further, while Republicans certainly led in the bill, a substantial number of democrats voted to pass it.

Whether or not you agree or disagree with the congressional action, I honestly believe the people who voted for this bill voted their conscience. That doesn't make it right or wrong of course - I just genuinely believe it was not politically motivated.

Courtney said...

I guess you didn't hear about the congressional memo that went out over the weekend saying that this was a great political opportunity and how the conservative christian leaders would be "excited" that this was being debated?