Friday, March 25, 2005


TGIF. I mean really, this has been a long week. We didn't get the condo we bid on three days ago. The guy refused our bid, because we wouldn't offer to pay more than the appraisal (we can't - and I seriously doubt anyone who would actually bid on this condo can either). I'm slightly disappointed, but this place was no where near "perfect" and I doubt we'll ever find something that I'm "in love with" so it's okay. We'll keep looking - the right place is out there somewhere.

I really like the "Comcast SportsNet" theme song. It's just a cool, rocking song.

What else, what else. We went to the Good Friday service at church today. The youth group did a good job. I made cookies and am bringing an apple pie to Mom and Dad's on Sunday. Daniel is going to be home, and we're bringing Dottie, an older woman from our church, with us as well. Should have a full table!

Should hear about Colorado in a few weeks (two?) Also just registered for May's Let's Dish :-) In other fun stuff, I've started playing these three games online everyday. It's fun. I always win at Set, and I'm so-so at Quiddler. But I can never beat Xactika.

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