Sunday, March 20, 2005

A good editorial...and some other stuff

The time has come to let Terri Schiavo die - I agree with the writer of this editorial. I also agree with Michael Schiavo. I also think that we are setting an extremely dangerous legal prescedent in this country (Jim, care to comment?).

UPDATE: Another excellent short piece, courtesy of the St. Petersburg Times

We had a pretty good weekend. We had planned on a little tennis on Sunday afternoon, but got rained out. Maybe next weekend. Poker night was Saturday, and I unfortunately was the first one out. Phil was second, and Chrissy was third out - even though she never showed up (we played her blinds anyways in case she got there late). How embarrassing. Mike and Dan were the next two to go. It came down to Matt and Kim in the head-to-head, and Matt finally won - with an extremely anti-climactic ace high. Sunday was church and the Palm Sunday choir presentation, and then we went to lunch with Norm and Laura and their girls at a mongolian barbeque place. It was pretty good - not quite Mickey Chow's, and a little more expensive than that place as well, but I think we'll definitely be heading back sometime.

The housing market here is very frustrating. We took a (worthless) first-time homebuyers class yesterday morning to get qualified to get money from the county. We had gotten info on two nice condos in Germantown from Eunice (our Realtor) on Wednesday, and by the time we had made arrangements on Friday night to see them the following day, they both had offers on them. We're going to look at another one in Gaithersburg tomorrow night, and it looks good on paper but I'm worried it'll slip away before we have a chance to act. This is not our parents' housing market - this is insanity.

We saw the movie "Robots" a few days ago (last weekend I think). It was a funny, cute movie. But there was also a great storyline behind it. Aside from the warm fuzzy message about people's worth, one of the lines that sticks with me best was the inventor robot's motto: "See a need, fill a need." I'm really trying to do that lately.

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