Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Skiing!! Part 2 (now with pictures!)

So here's the best of the pictures from my and Kim's camera. Next year we'll make sure that the camera batteries (both of them) are charged before we leave. After a harrowing drive and getting stuck in the snow in the driveway, we had an incredible weekend. I can't wait to go back!

So now, without further ado, I give you...THE PICTURES (dum dum dum!)

The view from the top - this is my new desktop background.

Matt, Ryan and I had the whole day to ourselves on Friday - the weather was beautiful, the lines were short, and the fresh snow made for incredible skiing. I picked the technique back up very quickly (it had been a year since our last go at Whitetail, PA) and hit the greens and blues. And a black - although we didn't know that it was a black until lunchtime when we looked at the map. It turns out we were supposed to go to the right to stay on the easier slopes. Oops.

Kim and Mike drove up Friday night (in much better driving conditions that we had) and we were back at it bright and early Saturday.

We skiied down the first little hill to get to the bunny slope lift. This is when we found out that the only thing Kim needed to learn is how to stop (besides falling over). We practiced for a little while on a small hill. Kim had her own personal lift during her skiing lesson.

Kim and Mike got the hang of it after a while. Here they are, demonstrating proper snowplowing technique (we're such good teachers!)

The guys (Ryan, Matt and Mike) on the lift. They look fairly friendly here, but the truth is that they tried to stab each other multiple times with ski poles throughout the weekend. Silly boys.

While the newbies practiced snowplowing, we hit the Dark Side of the Moon. Here we are at the top, in what could have possibly been the only way for the ski patrol to ID our bodies two minutes later. Luckily, it was unnecessary.

Don't I look super cool?

After skiing the black diamonds, we went back over to where Kim and Mike were skiing, where we promptly crashed into each other while getting of the bunny slope lift. If you look closely, you can see that Ryan started the chain reaction by stepping on my ski.

Looking cute (and cold) on Saturday. Thank goodness for neck warmers (yes I'm awesome!)

The gang (Ryan, Matt, me, Mike and Kim) on a much warmer Sunday afternoon.

So that's the trip in a nutshell. I even think Kim will go again, even though she had told the REI people that she was only planning on going once in her life. Hopefully next year all the rest of the slackers we invited will come along as well - you really missed out, but we'll give you another chance in 2006 because we're so nice :-)


Kim said...

Yay for pictures! Please send me the one of Mike and I!! An actual picture of me skiing!!! Yay!! Now, I have proof :).

Courtney said...

I waited for you to get online last night, but I see from the time stamp that there's no way I could have stayed up *that* late. You can't copy the image right off my page and paste it to your desktop? Otherwise I'll try again tonight.

Kim said...

The picture of Mike and I isn't on the page. Not the one of us on skies, but the one you guys took of us right after everyone got off the lift. It's a "couple" picture. I did copy the others :).

Anonymous said...

Since I have already accumulated 11 broken bones during my almost 48 years on this earth, I shall be content to enjoy your pictures of skiing. You'll never have to worry about racing me (at least on ski's). Have fun!