Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Sunday - Condo in Gaithersburg is listed on the market
Monday, 8pm - Matt and I see listed condo. We like it, and ask to sleep on it before making a decision.
Tuesday, 10:15 am - We tell realtor that we would like to make an offer, and make arrangements to meet tonight or tomorrow night to sign paperwork.
Tuesday, 11:40am - Realtor calls. There are already two offers on condo, and all offers must be in by 4pm today. Paperwork is prepared, and is supposed to be faxed round-robin at 3pm for signatures.
Tuesday, 3:52pm - Fax begins to arrive. Frantic reading/signing ensues at my end.
Tuesday, 4:10pm - Fax is sent to Matt for signatures.
Tuesday, 4:42pm - All paperwork is received by realtor. I am told that, if the seller decides to *consider* our offer, we need to meet at 8pm to sign everything again.
Tuesday, 4:45pm - Mental collapse.

Good grief.

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