Thursday, August 18, 2005


Super awesome thanks to Kim for my pre-birthday celebration! She treated me to a half hour massage and manicure at her day spa today. It was great. I will definitely have to save my pennies and go again sometime! And lunch/dinner at Bertuccis (I'm not sure which it was, because we got there at like 3:45).

Just a few more hours left in this never-ending week (although this afternoon made up for a lot of crud). I have to work tomorrow from 8:30-11:30 to finish stuff up for the week, then it's over to Rhoda's for the barbeque-turned-chinese-food and swimming, then home for birthday dinner out! I also got monies and a DSW gift card in the mail today. Awesome.


kim said...

Yay for massages and manicures! We *must* do it again.

Staci said...

Well I'm glad I didn't bring you a birthday breakfast... it would have been cold!

Courtney said...

Traffic was a beast at both ends today...maybe everyone's trying to get in one last vacation before the summer's over?