Monday, August 15, 2005


A lot of radio stations around here do the "five in ten" game. Basically, if you are the right number caller, you're given a category and you have 10 seconds to name 5 things in that category. Here is where we see the difference between regular and christian radio. On the regular radio stations, you get "Name five buildings in Baltimore that used to have another name, go" or "Name five Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame inductees that died before age 50, go." On the christian radio stations, you get "Name five kinds of you think you can do that? Okay...ready...go."

Matt used my computer all day yesterday to play poker. Since my IM was still on, he put up a message saying "This is Matt. C is not at her computer." Staci left an IM at some point last night that said, "rhoda's going to be pissed if you offed courtney."

Back to work for another week. But this will be a good week! I won't have quite as much work to do as last week, and I will be leaving early on Thursday for Kim's birthday present, and early on Friday for the lab mandatory-fun barbeque and swimming, and Friday's my birthday...w00t!

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Matt said...

I didn't use it ALL day. It was only in the later afternoon and in the evening. :-p