Saturday, August 13, 2005

I Win!

$175 later, I have a vacuum that sucks. And by sucks, I mean AWESOME. I typically dreaded vacuuming, because it never picked up cat litter and it was loud, and messy to empty the canister. The new vacuum is soooo much nicer, and efficient.

I also bought new cat toys. Hey, I don't have any kids to splurge on! I got the kitties a scratching thingy with catnip (in an effort to save what's left of the furniture legs), a feathery thing on a ribbon, and a stuffed chicken (also with catnip). Max loves himself some 'nip.

We didn't really do much today - Matt played poker; I went grocery shopping and did my bible study section for today. I was going to go to the pool but somehow I never made it. Maybe tomorrow.

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