Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Another prospect for the drug companies

I was Kansas-bound, lost and found
Isabella with a heart of gold
Thought I'd see her through it but the devil made me do it
It's a story I've never told
Spent a little time, and never learned to rhyme
I guess I never will
She sang a song about Wichita now, I can't sit still
Went a little like this...

It's only a minute and half long or so, but I always turn my speakers way way up whenever it comes on.

Molecule gives passionate lovers just one year - but if we could bottle this, think of the possibilities!

I've had some...difficult service lately. We went to dinner at Lonestar last night. We got our appetizer, then waited eons for our salads, and then our meals came out 30 seconds after the salad. Bad timing. I had ordered a steak with mushroom sauce and a loaded baked potato. I got...a plain steak and a plain baked potato. Several minutes later, I managed to flag her down and explain the problem. She took it back to the kitchen and came out a few minutes later, telling me they didn't have mushroom sauce. My baked potato had butter and sour cream, still a far cry from being loaded. Matt gave me his baked potato (he had a humongous steak to make his way through).

Let me pause for a minute and ask, why do women feel the need to apologize for things that aren't their fault? When I was talking to the waitress about my order last night, I started off my sentence with "I'm sorry, but..." I don't know why I did that. Matt didn't do that when he was asking her to correct something on the check. It's silly, but I do it.

Anyway. Back to my service issues. I went to Target this morning to pick some stuff up. One of the things I was getting was a standing grater for Matt's mom, to replace her lousy flat one. The graters were on a shelf, with a "Price Cut $3.99" tag below. The regular price label was underneath the sale tag. When I got to the register, it rang up at the regular price. I explained that there was a sale tag on the shelf. The cashier told me I was incorrect, so I offered to show her the tag on the shelf. We went back there, I showed her the tag, and she told me it was for something else. It turned out that it really was for something else (in small print on the bottom of the tag), but who puts a sale tag below something that's not on sale, and *over top* of the price of the thing that's not on sale?? Grrrr.

UPS.com says my iPod is out for delivery today. Let's see if they can get it right this time.

I keep thinking today is Wednesday.

Isabella, won't you sing your song again for me?
Wichita never shined its light on me
-VaCo, "Wichita/Wichita Reprise"

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