Wednesday, November 09, 2005


So I made my cookie plan for this year (I do the baking for both sides of the family, as well as my own people). The menu:
-Chocolate Chip Oatmeal (my favorite)
-Ginger Drops
-Santa's Whiskers (a coconut-cherry cookie)
-Holly Leaves
-Cranberry Double-Chip
-Almond Candy Kiss
-Chocolate Chip (for Matt)

I also decided what the "grown-ups" gift would be this year - because we have so many aunts/uncles/etc we get everyone the same thing. Last year it was olive wood ornaments from Jordan. This year I'm doing a homemade food/ornament dealy - spiced nuts and flavored truffles, with a curly wire ball ornament. I'm excited about this endeavor...hopefully it will work out well! I already went to Joann Fabrics tonight on the way home from church to get stuff for the ornaments. The cats like the flashy wire strands. It's actually kind of annoying.

I feel snarky much I'd love to say and can't. Oh well.


eric said...

sounds a LOT like carly and me.

Courtney said...

What does? Making a bazillion cookies, getting everyone the same gift, pouncing on flashy wire strands or feeling snarky?

eric said...

getting everyone the same gift. we might steal your idea of baking it this year.