Thursday, November 03, 2005

It seemed so glamorous before

I realized today that a successful graduate career consists mainly of transferring minute amounts of liquid from one tube to another. Seriously. That's it. I envisioned myself in an interview a few years down the road:

Interviewer: So, Ms. Silverthorn...I see you have a PhD from Johns Hopkins...very impressive. What did you do in your graduate work?
Me: Well, I moved small amounts of liquid from one tube to another tube. And then I put the tube into a machine, and a Nobel Prize popped out!

Heehee, I wish.


mom said...

I wonder... was this what nana dreamed about years ago? Though I don't recall her mentioning anything about minute amounts of liquid + vials......

Courtney said...

I think there was definitely a Nobel Prize involved. But if there's a machine that spits out Nobel Prizes, boy am I gonna have to get one!