Thursday, November 10, 2005

One half of the story

What keeps a husband crazy in love - a list of 13 suggestions of things wives can do for their husbands. I'm amused that the first one on the list is "play poker." Check. Good list? Bad list? Guys will have to weigh in on this one. What I'd like to see now is a list for husbands. Suggestions?


Edge said...

Definitely the first half. It fell apart at chocolate chip cookies and talking to my boss. The first part though is awesome.

Read His Needs Her Needs to understand why guys like these. You do the first 6 or so and a guy will do just about anything for you.

Personally, I liked, poker ( could be any game ), steak, strip, and wake up to a surprise.

You'll find women who do these have happy men.


eric said...

most of that list doesn't really apply to me. i love it when my wife cooks for me, but i do the grilling (which includes steaks). poker is true, but they should also mention foosball (or pool, for those of you who prefer that). basically, the list could be simplified as saying "be sexy, help with the chores around the house, and try to take an honest interest in your husband's hobbies. the end."