Monday, December 26, 2005

Another Christmas Come and Gone

So we're back home again. Had a nice couple of days with my family. I made some yummy desserts (Christmas Cannoli Cake and Cranberry Crumb Pie) that everyone really enjoyed (including me). I got a beautiful 3-stone 0.25 carat diamond necklace and some gift cards from Matt, a scarf from my sister, Best Buy gift cards from my brother and my Uncle Tim, a laptop dock, a turtleneck sweater and puffy vest, a denim blazer, The Apprentice The Game, and little dangly silver earrings from my parents. My dad got all the cool gifts this year - a telescope and an atomic clock (from mom) and the complete Monty Python's Flying Circus DVD set (from us). My parents had gotten my brother a digital camera, so he had fun learning how to use that and taking pictures. I took a few with our camera as well; I'll put them up a little later tonight or tomorrow.

The food was, as usual, excellent. We had crabmeat-stuffed jumbo shrimp on beds of garlicky spinach for Christmas Eve, and Beef Wellington (filet mignon tenderloin rolled in mushroom-pate' paste and wrapped in puff pastry) with roasted potatoes, creamed onions, and green beans with almonds for Christmas dinner. A bunch of people came over for dessert that night, and Seth managed to make it over for a few hours as well, which was very cool. He gave me a New Mexico he trying to tell me something?

Matt and my dad bonded this weekend over shooting videos on the computer and talking about religion. I was pleased. It only took, what, 5 years? :-)

I managed to copy a few of my parents' classic rock CDs into iTunes before we left today. I'm currently listening to Derek and the Dominos' Layla and Other Assorted Love reverse order (because I'm running the stereo off of my "Recently Added" playlist). Which is interesting, because supposedly the whole album is about Eric Clapton's affair and subsequent breakup with George Harrison's wife Linda. So it's now playing in reverse chronological order, going from the aftermath of the split back to the early days of their relationship. Interesting.

I have the rest of the week off...tomorrow will be spent doing laundry/cleaning and repacking for the rest of the week. Probably get some reading in as well, and finish the wrapping for our last gift exchange. We'll probably head over to Matt's grandma's or aunt's place on Wednesday and stay through Sunday night.

I think I'm done now. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I'm just saying, you know. You've been married for a few years now, and I've seen you outta the kitchen! haha

Merry Christmas!