Friday, December 09, 2005

Irrational Fears

Also known as "the heebie-jeebies."

So I was browsing around on yesterday, and I came across one of those tales of "so-and-so went to a third world country and two weeks after they came back they got a rash and it turned out to have [insert creepy crawly here] growing in it!!!1!"

This one had a PICTURE.

Yes, I know the story is fake. Yes, I know the picture is photoshopped. It doesn't make me feel any less squeamish. Because those things look like eyes to me. And that gives me the ultimate creeps.

For more evidence, watch this movie. Same idea. As the poster on boingboing put it, "...made my stomach do one of those slow somersaults you get when you step on a turd. Something about these evinces a genuinely atavistic reaction, a whole-body squick."

As an exercise for the reader, there is also a Stephen King short story called "I Am The Doorway" that has a guy with alien eyes growing in his hands and chest.


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