Monday, December 26, 2005

Monies FTW, sort of

So I checked on my HP shopping cart today. It turns out that this week, the 512MB RAM and the BrightView WXGA widescreen are offered as free upgrades! And free 5-7 day shipping! Combined with the $50 mail-in rebate that's good until the end of the year, my computer is now only $838!! The crazy thing is that it's less than what this thing cost 18 months ago (I think this was about $875) . We're going to order it tonight after we balance our budget, and it's currently slated to build on January 10th. Yay!

Saving $150 on the laptop makes me feel a little less bitter about the fact that we just bumped up from the 15% to the 25% tax bracket. Hey, you make too much money - Merry Christmas from Uncle Sam. The government helped themselves to an extra $1000 from Matt's Christmas bonus. Disgusting. At least we won't be moving up to 28% for a good while, and then it's not as much of a jump anyways. 15% to 25% hurts like a mofo. 25% to 28% is just a little pinch.

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