Saturday, December 10, 2005

Okay, NOW it's Christmas

Got the tree and other various decorations up today. I figured two snows was good enough to kick off the season. Also did some christmas shopping at Lakeforest Mall - got gifts for my mom and sister, Matt's mom, sister and grandma, and our gift exchanges for the party on Friday. I also ordered Matt's christmas presents today...and accidentially sent the confirmation e-mail to his hotmail account because I didn't realize I was using his login. I quickly corrected the error :-) Still have to shop for both our dads and my brother, and then I think that's it as far as gifts.

I hung lights on the front windows but I don't like how they are right now because I had to run the lights down one side and behind the couch to get to the outlet. I'm going to get a white extension cord at Target when I go tomorrow and then redo them.

The cats enjoy sitting under the tree again but other than that they dont seem to be making too much of a fuss about the decorations.

We reconstructed our budget this morning (Matt formatted the windows partition on his computer and accidentially forgot to back up the file). It was a pain and took over an hour, but we managed to account for everything except about $158. It should naturally correct itself in a few months, but until then we're hanging on to that money as a sort of "undesignated funds."

I love the detachable part of the wireless iPod transmitter that lets you play iTunes on your stereo.

Roxie is getting a bath tonight because she smells like poo. This should be interesting.

UPDATE: The bath was relatively painless. She didn't cry or squirm too much. And she still likes us. w00t! I think we're going to try to keep her hiney-hair trimmed to help keep her tidier.

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