Wednesday, December 21, 2005

One more day...

Of work before the holidays, that is. Well, a day plus another hour and a half here.

I got three more songs off of iTunes today:
James Taylor - "Your Smiling Face"
Ben Folds - "Landed"
Lenny Kravitz - "Can't Get You Off My Mind"

I also made a playlist with a dozen or so songs that I remember my dad playing on the guitar way back when. I hope to be adding to that as well (I had to request two from iTunes because they weren't in the current catalogue).

"What's wrong with a homosexual priest? Aren't priests supposed to be celibate? Why does the Vatican care about what kind of sex they're NOT having? Well, the Catholic Church doesn't want women either, because priests are supposed to be like the apostles. Meaning that they must be male, olive-skinned, speak Aramaic, and live in 1st century Judea. If you don't fit those criteria, well, don't let the narthex hit ya where the good Lord split ya!"
- Heard on The Colbert Report last night.

I'm entering a Book Collection contest. I did one once, back in college, and won 1st place ($100). This one is sponsored by Hopkins, and the prizes are $1000 and $500 for 1st and 2nd. Also, the entries are divided into undergraduate and graduate students, so I won't have as much competition. I dug out my old entry and plan on brushing it up for submission in February.

Pathobiology of Cancer workshop application should be coming up soon as well.

Church concert is tonight; Matt's grandma and aunt are stopping by to see our place afterwards. Still have to wrap presents, package cookies, finish a few more ornament/gift bag packages, and pack for vacation.

That's all I got.


eric said...

what exactly is the book collection contest? are you gathering books to be donated to some charity or something? if so, i could definitely help you out (and help myself at the same time!)

Matt Silverthorn said...

No, it's a contest to see who has the largest collection of books (which have to be organized around a central theme). Courtney has almost all of Stephen King's books and a bunch of Michael Crichton's so she did hers as a "horror and sci-fi" collection.

Courtney said...

Close. It's not necessarily about size per se. You submit an annotated bibliography of 25-50 books, along with an essay describing the collection, its "importance," why you assembled the collection, the contribution of individual books, etc. And then you're judged on the quality of your "collection" and how well you wrote about it.

If you have any books in the 5th-9th grade reading range, we'd be happy to take them off your hands, as the school at our church is building up their library. Other than that, I'd suggest your local library, as they are always happy to get donations (my mom is a librarian).