Monday, December 19, 2005

Party Roundup

Okay, crazy party weekend is over. I guess that's the price you pay for being popular. So here's the weekend in review (for some reason I just typed "weeding" there...I don't know why).

Friday - Carly and Eric's place, Reston VA
We got to their place on time - which meant we were an hour early. I didn't get the memo on that one. Anyway, there was much appetizers and drinkage to be had. We watched A Charlie Brown Christmas while we waited for everyone else to get there. Sometime during this hour the ex came (I didn't even notice until later). I guess that's a step forward? I'll never know...the online discussion is "friends only" (and I am most definitely not considered a friend). Anyway, the holiday gift exchange was first. Matt and I ended up picking numbers toward the end of the draw - I got a gift bag of wine, a candle and a holiday tea towel. Matt stole Cranium from Randi (I was glad, because I wanted it but didn't want to be the first "steal.") After the gift exchange, the ex disappeared upstairs for the rest of the time we were there (and Josh didn't get the memo about why he would do that, and kept yelling for him to come downstairs); everyone else played holiday trivia. Eric had come up with a bunch of really hard questions, and the idea was to yell out the answers. Some of them, you really just had to yell out random stuff until you hit on something. There were Monty Python references ("A duck!"), my Friends reference ("A ghost!"), and many other amusing answers. But the best was Josh, who yelled out "Jews!" to every question. After that was a little bit of video gaming (I hate video games, but Samba de Amigo was tolerable.) We headed home around 11, and presumably the ex came downstairs after that. Good times nonetheless.

Saturday - Kim's place, Timonium MD
There were 9 of us in all (Ryan and Staci were last minute cancels; Ryan had an emergency work trip to B-burg and Staci had to take Ellie to the vet). I brought a food-ornament gift bag for Kim and Mike, and she got me an iTunes gift card. We started out watching some of Phil Gordon's commentary DVD on playing poker. Matt was taking mental notes. Potluck dinner/desserts, then we split into three teams to play Trivial Pursuit:90s Edition. Kim and Ray were on my team - we were up against Matt-Phil-Sid and Mike-Matt Sprinkle-Jim. It was close at the end...we made it to the center spot 4 times and failed before finally winning it on the 5th try. The problem was we would get it down to two answers, and argue vehemently for a few minutes. One person would inevitably not be sure of an answer, and cast the tie-breaking vote for the wrong answer. Grrrr.

Sunday - Chuck and Peggy's place, Silver Spring MD
This was a last minute addition to the party list (we got the invitation on Tuesday I think). It was a cookie exchange/dinner, so I had to add two batches of holly clusters to my baking list. My criteria for choosing my exchange cookie was "What can I make that requires me to buy the least amount of ingredients?" When we got there, everyone was watching the end of the Redskins-Cowboys game. Once that was over (like the 'Skins weren't going to win by the 4th quarter) we had dinner. Then we watched The Holiday Yule Log. Yes, that's italicized because it's a title. Of a movie. Some genius videotaped a fireplace for 45 minutes, made VHS tapes of it (in 1987) and is probably a wealthy man now. There were many jokes and "cheers" during the movie. The funniest part was that it was a bootleg tape - they had gotten a copy from someone who actually owned the original. After all that festivity was the cookie exchange. Basically, you went around the dining room table 3 or 4 times and picked up a couple of each kind of cookie each time. At the end, you have a nice assortment of 8 or so. I would have been more enthusiastic if I hadn't already had a freezer full of cookies at home, but we got a couple dozen anyways.

So...that was my weekend.

Today's commute sucked because I tried to take a backroad over to 95, missed a turn, ended up on another road that was closed, and had to backtrack. I'll give it another shot tomorrow but I'm skeptical that it will cut any time off of my commute, based on my estimate.

But I got free lunch.

Had my iron and thyroid levels checked to try to find out why I'm so damn tired all the time. Seriously, I'm in bed by 11 almost every night and I still can't get out of bed before 8am. Will find out about those Wednesday or Thursday. Driving home to my parents' on Friday. Between now and then, I have GOT to get some work done on this thesis proposal. I have no work motivation right now...I hope the holidays will fix this.

I think that's everything for now. Remember, broken cookies don't count in your weight management plan because all the calories fell out!

She's so pretty but she doesn't always act that way
Her moods are swinging on the swingset almost every day
She said to me that she's so stressed out, it's soothing
And all I said was "someone get that girl a mood ring."
-Relient K


eric said...

glad you and matt could make it to our party. despite some awkward moments, i think it was a pretty fun night overall.

Courtney said...

Oh, I had a great time! We'll definitely look forward to it next year :-)

Matt Silverthorn said...

Yeah, it was definitely a ton of fun. Just a few weeks until poker night!