Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Self-Esteem Booster

Media Photoshop Retouching - a little project someone undertook to show how extensively magazine photos are retouched from the original before being published (requires Flash). You'll probably never look at magazine photos, or yourself, the same way again.

Commute debate:
-Taking 270-495-95 from G'burg to B'more is 1:15 minimum, 1:20-1:45 on a normal day, 2:00+ on a bad day. Of course, none of this is known in advance (other than that it is only 1:15 before 6am or after 11am in the morning; before 3pm or after 7pm in the evening. None of which makes for a very desirable day. Well, I wouldn't mind working 12:15-2:45, but other people might have issues with it.)
-Taking 28-198-29-32-95 is about 1:30, but frustrating because there is still a decent volume and the lights are timed very short and has a lot of left turns.
-Taking 27-a bunch of unnumbered backroads-108-100-95 is about 1:30, but not an option in bad weather. And there is little volume, but also NO place to pass so it would only take one old person to screw things up.

Went to Chili's last night. Had probably the best service we've had in months. Our orders were perfect, everything was well-timed, she was very nice and attentive (she even noticed that I had taken Matt's lemon from his water and brought out his second glass with no lemon). Matt left her a 25% tip. My faith in restaurant service is restored.

We looked at a few computers at Best Buy last night. I was having trouble navigating their website because it wouldn't let me sort by anything that was important to me, and I didn't want to look at the specs of 41 individual computers. I saw a Gateway that I liked, but everyone says not to buy Gateway. I also looked at an HP Special Edition, but I'm a little less enthused about its asthetics.


eric said...

that photoshopping thing was interesting. also, i own a gateway that i enjoy. i've had it for 4 years now with practically no complaints. (getting ready to upgrade it, though.) i think i might be the exception to that rule, though. i've also heard many complaints about gateway reliability.

Courtney said...

Ryan said that his friend Patrick's Gateway has been nothing but a "wellspring of pain" (his words) and I believe it's only a year old.