Friday, December 02, 2005

Sometimes I say funny things

Me: That's not snow. It's...crispy rain.
Matt: Snow is crispy rain!!

Me: That's ininterpretable.
Matt: What? INinterpretable? You don't say inindivisible, you say divisible.
Me: Fine, "terpretable."

Phil: Yeah, I had that problem a few versions ago.
Me: Well, Matt just put it on my computer like, two weeks ago, so unless they're going through versions like Paris Hilton goes through shoes, I've got the newest version.

And over IM:
Seth: pretty much, the only ones [webpages] with content are yours, carly's, eric's and liz's
Me: <---highfives self, pokes self in eye
Seth: good job!
Seth: you better post that

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