Sunday, December 04, 2005

Weekend Update

After much frustration, I (and Matt after I gave up) have my new IPod and ITunes set up.
IPod fully loaded with CD collection and mp3s = check.
(ERROR: I have 10.2G available on my IPod and only 8.1G available on my laptop hard drive.)
(Half an hour later: I got it up to 9.6G. I could free up another 600MB but I have to ask before i uninstall some stuff. I think I could get rid of several things that seem to be duplicates. Like the 4 older versions of Java runtime environment - seriously, is it not uninstalling the old one when it updates?)

Matt's holiday party was really nice, as usual. And the punk won a 15" flatscreen TV in the door prize drawing. We're going to get a wall shelf and put it in our bedroom - one more thing competing for our time :-)

Kim and Mike finally got engaged. Yay! I'm a bridesmaid. Yay! Stressed-out bridesmaids killing bridezillas is an acceptable insanity defense in thirteen states. Yay! I totally just made that last part up...or did I? Kim better behave herself :-)
10 Dozen truffles (chocolate, almond, coconut, and vanilla eggnog) made = check.

One holiday party down, three to go. Did I mention that those three parties are all in THE SAME WEEK?

Still to do: finish ornaments, assemble gift bags, bake cookies, shopping and wrapping, put up the tree, mail packages and christmas cards.

Bring it on.


eric said...

congrats on the door prize! that's pretty awesome.

Matt Silverthorn said...

Thanks! I seem to be winning prizes all over the place lately. First the iPod and now this.

goodbye said...

I think not making you wear a brown dress is enough to grant me reprieves for any bridezilla moments. ;)

Courtney said...

Haha, except you offered me $50 tonight to wear one!

Matt Silverthorn said...

Brown dresses? Ewww...

goodbye said...

Hey, I think the $50 gives me even greater reprieve power!