Thursday, April 28, 2005

I didn't watch it

If you didn't watch it either, here's a brief summary of GWB's press conference

And for even more fun, the super-awesome budget plan that the house just passed, including cuts to farm aid, pension plans, student loan programs, and medicaid. And let's not forget to throw an extra $50 billion at Iraq.

Oh, Tom Delay has no ethics and Bill Frist is a moron.

"Don't blame me, I voted Libertarian!"

Fingerprints galore!

Thumbprinting visitors at Statue of Liberty and Disneyland - And the tanning salon too!

Also, for $18 you can get the answer to that burning question: Does the FBI have your fingerprints? I find it ironic that, in order to find out if your fingerprints are in the FBI database, you have to send them...your fingerprints! That sounds like trickery if you ask me.

Would you ever go to a college fair for your child? I did one last night for the SBC regular (there were two scheduled for the same evening), and there were parents there either with lists of schools their kids had given them, or who were going around to every table asking about a specific major or program ("My daughter is interested in psychology and criminology, do you have a program for that?") These same parents will probably fill out applications and write essays for their kids, and then wonder why they flunk out sometime during their first year.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Death of a Couch Potato?

The end of analog TV - I don't know if this affects me or not...all I know is that right now, my TV comes on when I push the remote control button and that makes me happy. Assuming, of course, that the cats haven't stepped on the power switch button.

Porpoise-Driven Life? - I don't get this guy. I notice he doesn't cite any specific examples of the rampant pop-psychology though, and I haven't noticed any in my 1.5 readings of the book. He really seems to have it in for Rick Warren though.

I remembered the funny thing from last week. Matt and I went to Red Lobster last Friday (the 15th), and as we were walking out some kids dressed up for prom (I assumed anyways) walked in. There was a guy wearing a nice tux, and sporting a bright blue mohawk. Once we were in the parking lot, I said to Matt, "Isn't it a little early for prom?" He replied, "Isn't it a little late for the 80s?"

Seussical and DC were both fun this weekend; I finally won at poker night (beat Mike with a better pair on the river); church and small group were both good on Sunday (although I felt rather poorly on Sunday morning). I hate when you feel sick at night, because it keeps you awake and then even if you feel better in the morning from whatever was bothering you, you're still exhausted.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Is this guy really in trouble?

Blast Radius: A World of Pain - a transcript of the end of a biology lecture at UCB, after the professor had his laptop stolen by a student. Anyone care to comment on the accuracy of the technology?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Oh Yeah...

There's a new pope. It's interesting, because some people believe that either this pope or the one immediately following him (a matter of difference in interpretation, I believe) will be the False Prophet that ushers in the Antichrist. Try this link for more info (keep in mind that this guy Malachy is a lot like Nostradamus) or Google "last true pope."

Why do I even bother?

So nice to see that all my loyal fans were paying attention the past couple days :-P No one even caught my clever "Hawaii for sale" MS paint trick. Sigh.

Last week was fairly rough. We made a bid on another condo on Thursday - we were the 8th out of 12 (in 2 days) and we didn't get this one either. Our realtor keeps reminding us that we'll probably make up to 10 offers before we get something. 2 down, 8 to go. It's too bad though - this one was nicer than the last and I already had a mental list of things I wanted to do: paint, new bathroom mirror and kitchen tile, drapes, etc. Oh well.

Saturday was Kim's birthday party. I was on cake detail (german chocolate) and she was on hair detail (straightening). It was a good time for all - food, massage chair, and Family Guy were the centerpieces. As was a pillow that looked like a butt. Hahaha. It was actually a pair of denim shorts stuffed and sewn shut. Needless to say it was amusing to all of us.

We had our second small group meeting for the 40 Days of Purpose program on Sunday - this time I got to see my other boyfriend, Gavin. He was fairly nervous around our cats at first, but by the end of the afternoon he was crawling around after them and laughing :-) We'll have the entire group together this coming Sunday, and it should be good.

I spent the morning with inner-city 5th graders at Community Science Day. I was a group leader, so I was in charge of shuttling them around to different labs for science experiments/demos. Among other things, we made gak, saw how different metals burn different colors, took pictures of our cheek cells under a microscope, and played with dry ice. I think they liked it. And it was fairly enlightening for me as well (in a social sense, not a scientific sense).

What else, what else. I keep doing these mass updates and then I forget stuff. Kim said something funny, Matt Green said something funny, and I can't remember either at the moment.

We're ordering stuff from the Omaha Steak Company. I'm already drooling. They have the best steaks ever.

Okay, that's it for now...pilates and a deacons meeting await.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

What's wrong with this picture?

More posting later.

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Monday, April 11, 2005


So I'm also not going to Colorado this summer.

At least we have hot water.


The opening line in my US newspaper e-mail summary this morning: "The New York Times leads with the increasing likelihood that the Pentagon will reduce U.S. troop levels in Iraq by the beginning of next year."

Complete bull. How do I know? Because my brother's squadron is being sent there for a year starting in September.

And when the Marine Corps says September, they really mean "June". And when they say a year, they mean "who knows how long".

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Apathy is such an unapathetic force

So I've been pretty lazy about posting lately. Somehow blogger still says I updated yesterday. Maybe it's just trying to make me feel better. For the record I still haven't beaten Matt Green's month-long hiatus, and Ryan hasn't posted since January :P

Anyway, on to the randomness - in no particular order.

Happy Birthday Kim!! I want 600-count sheets for my bed.

We went to the MercyMe concert last night. It was incredible - probably the best show I've seen in a long time, and maybe ever. My quip afterwards: "I think I felt God move in me tonight...or maybe it was just the bass guitar vibrating my lungs." Just to clear up the record, it was probably a little of both :)

I have found three more advice columns to feed my addiction: Tell Me About It by Carolyn Hax, Ask Amy, and Family Almanac - the coolest thing is that they are all available at the Washington Post Lifestyle columns page.

We looked at some more places in Gaithersburg on Saturday (after my VBS training in the morning) but Matt didn't want to make an offer on any. I hope we find something soon though - this apartment is starting to feel like my old car: nothing fundamentally wrong, but annoyances start adding up. Our bathroom ceiling has been dripping since Thursday night (into the toilet, so no damage, but bothersome nonetheless). It took the two of us four days to figure out that we should put a string at the leak point and run it into the sink so we didn't have to hide under a towl every time we had to use the toilet. We also haven't had any hot water since the leak started. I am so not looking forward to a cold shower tomorrow morning.

Ryan and his mom came for dinner on Friday - I made my "famous" crabcakes. We had a good time. I don't think I ever mentioned Dave and Ellen, but they came the previous weekend for Dave's interview. It was actually the first time we had ever officially met them - their last day at church was our first. It was a little startling to see how much alike we were though. He was interviewing for a position in Clarance Thomas's office, and he'll find out anytime in the next...8 MONTHS. That sucks - I don't think I could do that. But anyway, we had them and Sean & Jen over for dessert and conversation - good times.

In church today during the kids' lesson, the pastor asked them "What do you need to grow up?" and Tony responded "Birthdays." So cute! In other church-related news, we started our small group meetings today, and it was a really good discussion even though there were only four of us. There will probably only be four next week as well, but hopefully the Sunday after that we'll have our quorum. It'll be interesting to see how the group dynamics and discussion are different compared to the group I'll be helping out with on Wednesday nights, where we'll have almost 20.

I swiped Matt's Switchfoot CD the other day, and I was listening to it while working in the cell culture room on Friday. Rhoda came in and said "I know there's no way this is your CD." For some reason she was under the assumption that I only listen to a capella music (I brought in one CD!!) She also told me, Megan, and Staci last week that as long as she was paying us, we were only allowed to have as many children as we have articles published in top-tier journals (Nature, Science, Cell, etc). Right now, that number for all of us is 0, and I think we're all okay with that. It's a funny restriction though. (And on a side note, I'm getting very annoyed with the fact that I keep typing a 't' on the end of 'though').

Should hear about Colorado sometime this week. Also on the calendar: my second pilates class and maybe going to Seussical, the musical. Poker night is next weekend, and the weekend after that is ATF in Baltimore. All my weekends seemed to disappear this month at an alarmingly fast pace.

Alright, I'm done. RIP Pope John Paul, Mitch Hedberg, and Terri Schiavo. Now there's a motley crew.

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