Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another one for the books

I got an e-mail for a job listing at MedImmune today. I think MedImmune would be a neat place to work, mostly for the fact that it's only a mile away from where we live. The job listing was for an Intellectual Property and Patent Associate. PhD, no law experience required.
MedImmune is currently seeking Intellectual Property Associates to work closely with our scientific and legal staff to facilitate the creation and protection of MedImmune intellectual property. You will work closely with scientific teams to define new inventions, provide scientific advice and oversight in patent prosecution matters, prepare patent applications for filing, prosecute patents, monitor third party intellectual property, and assist with IP due diligence, litigations, interferences, and European oppositions.

I actually think that this would be really neat. Obviously I can't apply for this specific position, since I won't have my PhD for at least another 18 months, but it's definitely going on my potential job list. Oh, and salary.com says it meets my salary requirement as well. Those being that I want a job after I graduate where I make more money than Matt does at that time. Because I'm the one with the PhD!


Ryan said...

That sounds like a job for a lawyer unless I misread it.

Courtney said...

No, it's not practicing law. The job listing specifically says they're looking for PhDs, not JDs. It's really more of a liasion between the scientists and the lawyers.

Jim said...

Right, in patent law there's a lot of collaboration between the attorneys and scientists. Even though, generally speaking, patent attorneys are required to have an engineering / science background (generally an undergrad degree in engineering, CS, or something similar), they are unlikely to have a level of understanding specific enough for certain areas, for instance, new drugs.

So, the science experts and the attorneys put their heads together to get things done =).