Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Big News

Okay, so I finally got the blogger problem worked out (it was my fault, not theirs - stupid NoScript). Sooooo...some of you have already heard this, but my brother got engaged to his girlfriend, Tammy, on Easter :-)

Aren't they cute? He said that was the only way to guarantee that he wouldn't make a face in the picture :-P

And here's the ring...the shot didn't come out perfect, but you get the general idea. So now for the story. The ring is our great-grandmother's, and Saturday (when he was supposed to propose) would have been her 105th birthday. Except a few minutes after they got over to Tammy's parents' place, a massive hailstorm came through. Her parents ended up having to go out after the storm and take pictures of their siding, cars, etc for the insurance company. So Daniel figured her dad probably wouldn't be in a really good mood then.

So they went back over there Sunday after dinner. They were only supposed to go for about half an hour or so. Around 8pm, my mom says "I bet you guys a nickel he chickened out." Alyssa and I both bet that he hadn't, mom bet that he had, and Matt wouldn't take the bet either way. So when they finally got home around 8:30 Tammy says "Look what I got!" The first thing out of my mouth was a squeal. The second thing out of my mouth was "Mom owes me a nickel!" Apparantly she was totally surprised, even though she had accidentially seen the box earlier in the weekend (she thought they were earrings, because she had just lost a pair of hers the week before).

There isn't a date set yet, as Tammy is starting her LPN program in May (a 12-month degree) and Daniel is supposedly going to Iraq in May for 9 months. My best guess is sometime next summer or fall.

The rest of the weekend was nice as well - Easter dinner is always delicious, and we went out to Cafe DiVanzo with Robyn and Derrick on the way home Monday.

Other important updates:
-Sean and Jen's sonogram showed with 99.9% certainty that they are having a boy. I still think it's wrong :-)
-I posted a new set of photos on my photoblog.

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Jim said...

That's awesome, give them my congratulations. Yeah, I know, I don't know them personally, but that's a mere technicality! :)