Sunday, April 23, 2006

Fun without the UF

So the ultimate frisbee at Carly and Eric's place definitely got rained out last night. We still all had an awesome time though. We grilled meats - mostly hot dogs (we're all so cheap), but Carly had bought a ginormous piece of beef that turned out to be a round roast, haha. She said it still ended up okay. There was poker (I won, against Cello!), video games (Rainbow Island and Mario Party), and my first ever foosball lesson from the master himself. I played defense with Jeremy against Eric and Mike. I heard "Good D!" several times throughout the hour, which made me very happy.

In poker, I took out Nate and Mike in one fell swoop. I had a pocket pair of twos (my only pocket pair the entire night) and flopped a set. There were also two hearts on the flop. Nate went all in, Cello folded, Mike called with maybe a pair? (I think he was getting tired of playing). I called as well. Nate had two more hearts, and caught his flush on the turn. I rivered the fourth two. BAM!

Other funny stuff from the evening:
"You're so hot right now, Steve." - Me, after Steve practically ran through an entire level of Rainbow Island with super-fast triple rainbows.

"It's like when you give a baby a pickle." - Matt describing Carly's face after she tasted one of Eric's microbrews.
"A pitbull???" - Carly, obviously mishearing Matt.

"It's a dirty old man!" - Me, describing one of the Rainbow Island end-of-level bosses (he looked like he was opening his coat and flashing the protagonist).


Steven H. said...

Now, if only we can get single girls to start thinking I am so hot when I p0wn a level with rainbows, THEN we got something going! Wait a minute...bragging about my rainbow skillz might call into question certain manly traights...dang! Foiled again!

Matt Silverthorn said...

You just can't win with rainbows, Steve. That's why we can't get past level 3. :-(