Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Science goodness

I educated Staci on the wonders of the PrintScreen button today. Her life is immensely better because of it.

Lab-grown organs - this is so cool! Basically, 7 patients had cells taken from their body and used to grow bladders on a 3D mold, and then had the bladders transplanted back into their bodies. I was just thinking about stuff like this a day or two ago - how 50 years ago, the idea that we could grow human tissues outside of a human was completely unheard of, and what we'll be able to do 50 years from now. I was thinking about it in context of artificial wombs, and how that would make elective abortions a moot point. It would also open up a whole other host of sociological problems (like how the taxpayer bill would be over 2 trillion dollars by the time the first year of babies reached age 18) but that's material for another post.

Sesame Street angered the American Academy of Pediatricians by releasing a set of DVDs for the 0-3 age set, on the heels of Teletubbies and Baby Einstein. The AAP recommendation is zero TV for children under age two. Despite that, 2/3 of kids age two or under watch an average of 2 hours of TV a day.

Gotta finish my outline for my presentation today. Procrastination is fun!

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