Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What the crap?

So I'm driving in to work today. Three blocks away from my parking garage, it starts snowing. HARD. It was a little surreal...I thought it was the little white petals blowing off of the trees at first. Until they started melting on my windshield. By the time I had parked my car and walked to my building 10 minutes later, it was sunny.


However, unlike the weather, some people are so predictable, it's sad. But funny. Allllllways funny.

I've not been lost, just feeling so alone inside
Take us away from this stressful life
Running out tomorrow, we got all the time
Pick me up and show me you're, you're so fine
-Pat McGee Band, Flooding the Both of Us


Staci said...

Our blizzard was accompanied by very high winds that blew our trash cans down the entire block. When I got back from gathering those up, the side of the back door frame had blown off and the door had blown open, and the dog was gone. It was a great morning.

Jim H. said...

The cause was upper level energy trailing far behind this weekend's front passed through. These little waves can be weak and bring clouds and some drizzle/flurries, or they can be strong and bring a T-strom or quick snowburst.

Unlike the fronts, etc, they are apparently impossible to forecast. Precip with them is generally spotty and short lived though.