Sunday, April 09, 2006

WWIII, brought to you by Shrubya

U.S. is studying military strike options on Iran - Boy oh boy, just what I wanted to read with my morning OJ.

Some highlights:
- The Pentagon and CIA are evaluating two strike plans, a "limited airstrike aimed at key nuclear sites" versus "a more extensive bombing campaign designed to destroy an array of military and political targets." The latter would be directed at Shrubya's "broader goal of regime change."
- If we don't attack, Israel already has a contingency plan to do so.
- These airstrikes would, by necessity of the Iranian building structures, require the use of "tactical nuclear devices" (pot, meet kettle).
- A war games expert from the National Defense University "concluded that a military attack would not work, but said he believes the United States seems to be moving inexorably toward it."

The original article published in The New Yorker is here, and another article can be found here (I don't remember if TWP is account access only).


Jenny B said...

Sometimes it's good to be in a country whose military has only committed horrible atrocities against its own people, instead of everyone else.

Courtney said...

And you're coming back here when? ;-)

Jim said...

Oh yes, because we all know The New Yorker is the poster child for excellence om unbiased journalism. *rolleyes*. Sure, it may be good for literature.. but not this. Its a given we have some kind of plan for airstrikes, its a contingency that has to be considered, if we all agree that Iran having nukes is NOT an option (and we all agree on that, right?). That said, its been blatantly clear to me that our policy here is (1) Diplomacy (2) Economic sanctions, and (3) airstrikes as a last resort.

And of course Israel will turn Tehran into a smoking crater before you can say "booyah!" if Iran actually develops a bomb - that is a contingency they certainly can't risk, ESPECIALLY with the current loonie thats running the show over there.