Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Don't lose your head, lose as directed


[Deep cleansing breath]

Okay then, how about some links?

Another reason why I like Barack Obama - he actually knows what separation of church and state means, instead of pursuing a rabid campaign to remove any public mention of God.

The flag burning amendment was defeated in the Senate by one vote. As it should have been, in my opinion. Maybe the first amendment will survive a little longer yet. Although, I think the three Republicans that voted against the amendment (good for you, boys!) might be in trouble with their party now.

IRC Bot love song - Swedish music video, with english subtitles. I know a bot. Her name is Anna. And she's HOTT! (Update - So the link didn't work for some people. If one of them is you, try this link from google video).

Totally sweet photographs of lightning.

Fark has a Homestar Runner photoshop contest - theme is what he's been doing with his time since there hasn't been an update in a month.

Oh, and Art Garfunkel is not dead! (Sing it to the tune of "The Cheat Is Not Dead).

Some day they'll open up your world
Shake it down on a drawing board
Do their best to change you, they still can't erase you
- Matchbox Twenty, Hand Me Down

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