Monday, June 19, 2006


No, not me...haha I wish. My sister Alyssa graduated from high school on Saturday.

The grand entrance. That's her in front of the girl with the burka (I think that's how you spell it?)

Caps in the air! Oh noes, we're breaking the ruuuuules!

The fam - me, Matt, Dad, Mom, Alyssa, Mel, Uncle Steve, Grandma Jeanne, Uncle Tim.

Dad, Alyssa and Mom.

Alyssa and Me

Cutting her cake...yum

So we had driven down Friday afternoon. We left a little after two, but thanks to two accidents on the other side of the beltway the trip ended up being an hour longer than it was supposed to be. We just kind of hung out for a while until Mom got home with pizza for dinner. I helped cook stuff for the brunch the next day that night.

The graduation was at 9am Saturday, and I don't think we would have made it much longer than it went because of the sun and heat. Everything went well, we herded back to the house, and had brunch - apple cinnamon french toast casserole, blueberry muffins, fruit salad, scrambled eggs, sausage links and mimosas. Very yummy start to the day's eating festivities.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty low key; Alyssa opened her gifts and cards (we had gotten her an amythest necklace, her birthstone) and then went to go drive around and see some friends. Matt and I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - well, to be honest, I only watched the second half because I had fallen asleep on the couch soon after we sat down. Dinner that night was equally delicious - mesquite grilled chicken, steamed shrimp, and pork barbeque sandwiches, with pasta salad and cole slaw on the side.

Sunday we stopped at Cap'n Billy's for lunch on the way home (Matt had never been). They were unfortunately only serving a limited menu because of their Father's Day buffet (which we weren't interested in) but they did have their famous cream of crab soup, which was awesome. We had crabcake sandwiches as well, but they didn't come close to the soup.

When we got home around 2 was when the drama started. Roxie had apparantly been sick for a good part of the weekend and had thrown up all over the house. That by itself isn't hugely alarming, but she also had blood in her stool - which sent up the red flags. So we threw our bags in the bedroom, packed her into the carrier and rushed her over to the vet. They had us leave her there for about an hour to do the bloodwork and stuff, but they didn't find anything serious. So $177 and two shots (to settle her stomach) later, they sent us home with some antibiotics in case it was a stomach bug and a prescription for some "limited ingredient" (bland) food that we weren't allowed to give her until today. Not feeding the cats always makes me sad, especially when they cry. Which she did a lot of yesterday. We had to sleep with our bedroom door closed last night. She seems to be doing okay so far today though.

Matt ran a bunch of errands today while I stayed home and finished the draft of my thesis proposal (bleh). I wasn't entirely thrilled with it, but Rhoda e-mailed me back with "STRONG WORK!!!!" (and yes, it had 4 exclamation points) so I guess it passed muster. When Matt got home, he said "Why don't we just exchange gifts now so we don't have to drag them up to Connecticut with us?" That was fine with me. He had gotten me a couple of books that I wanted, and I had gotten him a Dell 20.1" flatscreen monitor which he was incredibly pleased with. And lest you think that the gifts were unequal in comparison, I should explain that we tend to alternate the "extravagant" gifts (it works out better for our budget that way). So I had gotten my super nice gift, a three-stone diamond necklace, at Christmas, and now it was Matt's turn to get something really nice.

Gotta get packing and cleaning some time tonight...we're leaving at 10am tomorrow. It's going to be a great week! Stay tuned for the vacation details on Friday night when we get home.

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