Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'll be that girl

1. There is a whole generation that will never hear, or understand, the phrase "It's snowing in Brazil." I especially noticed this when we were at Six Flags. There were girls with bras under spaghetti-strapped tank tops, bras under halter tops, even bras under tube tops! I think the first general rule of fashion should be that if you cannot wear a garment comfortably with the appropriate undergarments, then you shouldn't be wearing it at all.

2. We're finally not upside-down on my car! That only took two years. The sad thing was when asked for the mileage and had a note next to the input box that said "average is 35,000 miles." Yeah, my car is going to roll over 60,000 within the next week.

3. Poker night this weekend! It'll be Dan's last poker night, as he's leaving for Emory next month, and Matt McHugh's, since they decided to move back to Blacksburg. If either of them wins, it's going to mess up our bounty system.

4. I really like the Berries and Cream Diet Dr. Pepper better than the Cherry Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper. It's got a much more intense flavor.

5. Man, for all that rain we had, it sure got hot again fast. I was dying by the time I got back from walking a few blocks to the chinese place for lunch.

6. I've mentioned the ex in a whopping 16 posts, including this one, out of 477. In 20 months. Yeah, I'm totally obsessed - great theory. Prizes if you can find all 16! (I'm totally kidding.) (Seriously, don't waste your time.)

7. Why is salsa such a popular condiment? "Well, it's because people like to say sal-saa." - Seinfeld

8. Ryan doesn't love us anymore :-(

And if I were the sun, you would be in shadow

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