Monday, June 26, 2006


Driving on the beltway, in the rain, makes me nervous. Why was I on the beltway, you ask? Because I enjoy pain. That's why I go to work every day. (Ba-dum ching!) Haha, no really, it's because with all this rain we've had, I at least knew that the beltway wasn't flooded, compared to some local roads that would never make it onto the traffic report. And I like my car dry, thank you.

A lot of things annoyed me at work today. Top of the list? Forgot my iPod headphones on my dresser! Rawr.

Posted another photoset over yonder. Oh, and I forgot to post this picture of us with Sean and Jen at the shower yesterday:

I submitted this article to Fark with the headline: DHS to NYT: "No, YOU'RE the bad guys!" It had already been submitted. With a lousy headline. I mean, they didn't even try to be funny! That made me almost as mad as the original article itself. Basically DHS is asking the administration to charge the NYT editors, reporters, and publishers with treason for reporting on their questionable financial transaction data minimg. Well, there goes the first amendment.

Another study lends support to the theory that sexual orientation is based, at least in part and for men, on biological factors. I think it's a very well-designed study about to be published in a highly-respected journal. Matt thinks 944 people is too small of a sampling.

Four more days until the weekend.

My weariness keeps growing inside
My patience is starting to subside
And I hope I'll be there soon
It can't be long or I'll fall through

Will I ever make it home
Will I ever leave the ground
Leave this place so far behind
Till there is no turning back
Will I ever make it home
Get to where I wanna be
Find the ones who wait for me
To the place where I belong
Will I ever make it home
- Ingram Hill


goodbye said...

Considering that scientists are predicting America's population will hit 300 million this fall, I agree with Matt that 944 is way too small of a sampling.

Will IM you tonight, but I probably won't be on until after 6 or so.

Courtney said...

As I already explained to Matt, sample sizes are statistically calculated in advance of the study in order to make sure the data set is meaningful, and PNAS is a top-tier journal that has fairly high standards. Therefore I am confident in the statistical quality of the data.