Friday, June 30, 2006

Selfless, cold and composed

At least that's what Ben Folds Five says.

So, when Rhoda had told me to hold off on re-writing my thesis proposal until after I had the microarray data, I didn't realize that she meant *immediately* after I had gotten the data. So I had worked several days before we left for vacation to have a draft done, and spend the past couple days brushing it up and citing references. I have to say, that EndNote is a ginormous lifesaver. You just highlight a reference and then click "add selected citation(s)" in Word, and it puts in the reference and keeps track of all the reference numbers and compiles your bibliography at the end of the document for you. Genius. Where was this when I was in college??

Anyway, so the past two days I've been on my computer a lot, finishing up the proposal and putting together my abstract submission for the melanoma meeting. Yesterday, I forgot to eat lunch. I was working, trying to get everything done before my 3pm meeting deadline. I got up when I was done at 2:45 to go to the bathroom, and when I got back to my desk I noticed my lunch bag sitting next to my computer. And I thought, "Huh, what's that doing there?" It took me a minute to remember that I hadn't eaten. And then I had to go to my meeting, and after that it was too late. So by dinnertime I was famished.

Speaking of dinner, we went to Red Lobster to celebrate that I had finally finished writing this thing, and that Matt had gotten another raise at work. I got, well, a red lobster. And I ordered it whole instead of split, because I am a BEAST! Matt said I was just showing off my mad crustacean skillz. Well maybe I was! Anyway, dinner was very good. We tried to go to Best Buy after dinner to get Jim Gaffigan's DVD Beyond the Pale, but it closes at 9pm and we got there at 9:45. Lame. Maybe I'll try to get it after work today (I checked online and it's not available at any Best Buy store. Lame). I'm going to try to leave a little early today since I was here until 7pm last night printing everything out that I needed for today.

Back to the proposal story - I went over to our department coordinator this morning to drop everything off and do my class registration for fall (technically we're always registered for two "classes" - research and weekly seminars). And I could hardly believe it, but she told me that even with all the crap and delays I had with this thing, I was still the first person to turn theirs in.


I know, crazy. But I'm hardly the overachiever. The "technical" deadline was November 30th of last year, and the real deadline that I think people had previously been adhering to was around mid-March.

So...weekend stuff. I already mentioned poker night. We're also going mini-golfing with the youth group tonight, and I'm getting my bridesmaids dress hemmed tomorrow. At a place called, ironically, Kim's Tailor.

Two examples of justice served:
The scammer gets scammed - Nigerian scam letter writer applies for an art scholarship that doesn't exist.
Man gets $2.5M - after serving 26 years for a crime (bank robbery/murder) that he didn't commit.

Oh, and Liz got a couple of job offers! She says that because she's a libra, she's incapable of making a decision. Well, I'm a leo, and I love making decisions! And I must do a good job of making them, because look at how awesome my life is now. So if you need some help, let me know.

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