Sunday, June 11, 2006

w00t for weekend!

Whew! So that was a fun weekend. It actually started Friday around 1pm with our mandatory lab fun. We had a cookout at Rhoda's and swam/played water volleyball. I was on the winning team 3 out of 4 times, even when the guys tried to take on the girls. They lost the first time, and we held pretty well playing in the deep end in the second game. I had my Let's Dish appointment that evening (my first time at the new Gaithersburg location) and Matt came with me. I asked him what he thought about it afterwards. He said, "Well, it's putting food in a bag. So for putting food in a bag, that was the best time I ever had doing that."

Saturday was Six Flags with Matt Green, Steve, Matt and Sarah. The weather was beautiful and everything was open except for Joker's Jinx (sorry, really must be cursed!) We rode Batwing, Two-Face, Wild One, Roar, Mind Eraser, and Superman - Ride of Steel. We also saw all four main shows: Shanghai Cowboy, Jukebox, Magic Quest and Batman Thrill Spectacular.

We finished out the day at Buca di Beppos, a "family-style" italian place. Man oh man, was that an awesome dinner. We got garlic cheese bread and caesar salad to start, and then shared fettuccini alfredo, chicken parmesan, shrimp scampi linguini, and a steak dish. We wanted dessert but we were so stuffed after that food we just couldn't make it. Next time, time. And for only $25/person, including tip! I think we may get a gang together and do that for Matt's birthday this year. But this time I'm not paying for everyone's food. Sorry guys :-)

Today was church and some errands at the mall after lunch. I got a tank top from JC Penney (light blue, ribbed, lace trim at hem and neckline...very cute) and browsed through Bath and Body Works while Matt got his hair cut, then we went grocery shopping. We finished out the last couple of episodes on the Lost DVDs we rented a few days ago, so we'll have to exchange those for the last two disks sometime soon.

Only 4.5 days til my vacation starts! We are going to go down to my parents' after work on Friday for my sister's graduation on Saturday morning. I have the following Monday off, and then Tuesday it's off to Connecticut! I'm really excited...we made our anniversary dinner reservations at the resort's steakhouse, and I made spa reservations for when Matt is playing his poker tournaments. I'll be getting a body polish and facial on Wednesday, and a manicure/pedicure on Thursday. Yay!

So that's about it for now. Stay tuned for details about my upcoming week...because I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seats.


Izzo said...

Are you staying to either Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun when you're in Connecticut? Because Foxwoods advertises itself as trendy, but like any casino, it reeks of old people.

Courtney said...

Foxwoods...but its less about the casino than the actual resort/city. Matt's going to play in two poker tournaments, but I'm not really into the whole gambling thing. I may play some nickel slots just to say that I did, but I'd rather blow my money at the massage table than at the poker table.

Steven H. said...

The weekend was a success!

Steven H. said...

BTW - Sign me up for a back massage too.