Sunday, June 25, 2006

What a day for a shower!

So, the baby shower for Jennifer and Heather was fun today. Except it ended up only being a shower for Jennifer, because Heather had her baby this morning! His name is Benjamin, and he arrived at 3:16am today, a week early. Jennifer said they have a "B" name picked out also, which is fortunately not Benjamin. Our guess is Brian. I won one of the shower games - there were a couple rolls of toilet paper, and you had to pick off a length that you thought best corresponded to how big around Jennifer was. I was only one square off, so I got a tube of Mary Kay lotion.

We went over to Matt's grandma's place for dinner after the shower, since his mom was in town visiting (she didn't make it to church with us this morning, but at least the house is clean now). His uncle came over with his family and we ordered chinese food (I had the moo shu pork, as usual). The drive home took quite a while because of the rain, and a four-car accident right after we got on the beltway that had all of the lanes closed for about 15 minutes or so before traffic started moving in one lane.

Back to work tomorrow, bah.

Oh, and sorry Kim, but I had to take down the link to your health blog. You know, the whole two-month rule and all. Gotta keep the content fresh around here. Like a ### of #######? How fresh is ####### anyways? (Now with 75% less irritation!)


goodbye said...

Ummm, am I supposed to know what "###" and "#######" are? Because I don't.

And since I turned off commenting on my 'diet' blog, I decided to actually make that a private (handwritten!) journal.

Courtney said...

Haha, IM me and I'll tell you ;-)