Saturday, July 29, 2006

Another Saturday Night

Friday was a good night. We went to the bowling alley on Shady Grove with our church's youth group. We had 12 kids and 8 adults, which is a pretty good turnout. We bowled two games during our time. I was on a lane with Matt, Aseer, Celina, and Joel (our pastor). I came in second place in the first game with a 116 (not too bad). But the second game, I was in the zone. I bowled four strikes in a row and came in with a personal best of 184. Rock on. Came home, cuddled with M, surfed on the internet past my bedtime, went to bed around 1am.

Slept in until a glorious 10:45 today. I feel so old :-P Matt took my car to get an oil change and I took his car to get washed, and then we went out for Taco Bell. I had been dying for some nachos bell grande for several weeks now. They didn't let me down.

I spent the afternoon chilling on the couch and watching the first eight episodes of The O.C. Season One. We had dinner, and now we're about halfway through The War of the Worlds. I'm pretty unimpressed so far, for a couple of reasons. One, is that the dialogue is terrible. It falls into two categories: someone repeating something at least three times ("There's more room on the boat. There's more room on the boat. There's more room on the boat!") or random yelling. There's so little plot seems like they just had one dude working on the script on a tight deadline. Two, is that Dakota Fanning's character doesn't really add anything to the movie. She just screams a lot. And three is that, other than the title, the only similarity to the book is that it involves people, and aliens. Other than that, the amount of artistic liberty is just crazy...and sad. Thank goodness we didn't pay (extra) to watch this.

Matt showed me this Firefox Flick last night. It's pretty amusing.

I took the nailpolish off my fingers and toes today. How do people walk around with unpainted toenails?? They just look so weird. I'm off to paint mine now!

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