Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lyrics of the moment

And for every useless reason I know
There's a reason not to care
If I hide myself wherever I go
Am I ever really there?
- Barenaked Ladies, For You

Come and take a ride with me
The moon is high -- so am I
Come on take a ride and see
What lies beyond your kitchen window
We are not the galaxy
- Bree Sharp, Galaxy Song

I believe it's love that's hiding there
Inside you and inside me
Maybe the two of us could bring it to the light
Love when I approach the tears they fall like rain
You tell me, baby, your heart's into a thousand pieces
Now stop, only old and wise, with clouded eyes
You can't see what I can not hide
As I blindly throw my faith to the face
Of the next good thing that comes my way
- Dave Matthews Band, Granny

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