Monday, July 03, 2006

Our minds will wander to wonderous places

Well that was a nice weekend :-) We went to church on Sunday and then had an impromptu outing with Sean and Jen. They were going to the Takoma Park farmer's market so we tagged along (and I got some super delicious sweet white corn) and then we had lunch at a little place called the Tastee Diner. We're going to a lunch cookout tomorrow at their place with David and Ellen - should be a fun afternoon then too!

After lunch we went to Hollywood Video and finally got the last disc of season 1 of Lost (Warning: spoiler in the comments section!!), and Syriana. We ended up watching both on Sunday afternoon/evening, and then downloading the second season from iTunes so we'll be all caught up by the time season 3 starts this fall.

We also stayed up way past our bedtime watching old Nickelodeon cartoon openings and PBS stuff (Square One, 3-2-1 Contact, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego) on youtube. I especially loved Square One - we found Mathman, episodes of Mathnet, and a couple of the music videos that they had on the show, including The Mathematics of Love and 8 Percent of My Heart. We looked for another one but couldn't find it: "Geometric shape sensation / Ooh, tessellation!" Ah, good times. photoshop contest - change the textures of everyday objects.

You're so lightweight, how can you survive?
Recycling moments from others' lives
You're not as precious as you contrive
Aluminum to me, aluminium to some
You can shine like silver all you want
But you're just aluminum - BNL

Starbucks cinnamon scone = yum.


Steven H. said...

So, did you two figure out before they revealed it that "they" weren't coming for the baby, but rather they were coming for Walt? :) I did! People assume a lot when watching the show, when if they just take things at face value, they would be able to decode a lot more (a la "Blackrock" - not a real black rock, but a ship...although I didn't get that one). Cause w/ the kidnapping, Rousseau said they were coming for "him", and the baby haden't even been born yet, so how could they know it was a him? Anyways, you'll enjoy season 2 - and once you are caught up on that one, I'll see if you guys caught certain things (or just ask questions as you watch the season). Season 2 is a faster season when you watch it all at once (a la itunes or downloaded via bittorrent).

Courtney said...

I thought the psychic had told Claire it was going to be a boy? I dunno...but I never figure out twists like that before they happen. Matt's much better at that.