Thursday, July 06, 2006

Product Reviews

Stuff I've bought or used in the past couple days.

1. Listerine vanilla mint mouthwash - "It's less intense!" Hell no, it isn't. It's equally intense. It's just less minty. Oww.

2. Sally Hanson 5-minute french manicure kit - I really like this. It has a base/top coat, the "nude" color, and the white color all packaged together. The coolest thing is that the white color is in a little pen form, so it's super easy to use and comes out looking very nice. The only things are that the white color is thin, so you really need two coats instead of the one the directions suggest, and that those little guide stickers don't work because the white runs underneath. Other than that, I'm very pleased with this purchase.

3. Pillsbury Grands cinnabon cinnamon rolls - So yummy! Five big fat cinnamony rolls, tons of icing. Yum yum.

4. Apples to Apples - mentioned in one of my previous posts. So, I haven't bought this yet. But I'm going to, because it's a hilarious party game. Basically, you have "red apple" cards and "green apple" cards. The red apple cards have nouns on them (specific people, places, or things) and the green apple cards have adjectives. One person draws a green apple card and reads the adjective aloud, and the rest of the people have to select a red apple card from their hand that they think best corresponds with the adjective, in either a true or funny way. Some of our pairings the other day were hilarious, in random or ironic ways (like "Dr. Kevorkian" for the adjective "responsible" or "piranas" for the adjective "unpredictable").

5. Barenaked Ladies Are Me - the new CD scheduled for release on September 12th. If you pre-order directly through Nettwerk, it's $14, no tax/shipping, and you get a bonus second disc with all the album tracks recorded live. Rock on, BNL. Site is VERY slow today though!

6. I knew I had forgotten something - Viactiv Vitamins. I used to take Centrum, but because I don't really eat anything in the mornings, taking it on an empty stomach was making me feel sick. So now I get my multivitamin in a tasty chocolate chew, and extra calcium in a caramel.

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