Sunday, July 09, 2006

Well, that didn't work

Okay, so apparantly pausing submissions only stops the "Recent Tracks" from updating, but as soon as you unpause it and submit another song it also submits everything that played while you had it paused.

This is going to take a little more research, obviously.


Matt Green said...

In Winamp you can disable the plugin from the configuration screen, and it won't keep track of what you're listening to. Coupled with headphones, it is probably the only way I know to listen to New Kids on the Block without anybody knowing.

Matt Silverthorn said...

Your secret is out now! I will tell EVERYONE!!

Courtney said...

So, I think the problem is that i'm using jscrob2 instead of iscrobbler, because jscrob2 allows for iPod tracks support as well as iTunes. Except that it uses the "Recently Played" playlist to grab everything that you played on your iPod after you synch it with iTunes, which also acts as a sort of "cache" for tracking songs while submissions are paused. So I think the solution is to a) pause real-time submissions, and b) temporarily disallow iTunes from sending anything from my "Sleep" playlist to the "Recently Played" playlist. I'll test it tonight and see what happens.