Saturday, July 08, 2006

Why doesn't doubly have an "e" in it?

The only difference that I see
Is you are exactly the same as you used to be
- The Wallflowers

Another successful Dish behind me. Next month will be doubly cool. For one, Jen is coming with me so she can stock up on some meals before the baby comes. And two, I'm on the list for a free "12-disher" rolling cooler because I've been such a frequent customer. Sweetness, because I won't have to carry around the crappy styrofoam one with no handles anymore. I was also glad to see more people at the Gaithersburg place than last month.

Blah, only two weeks before VBS starts. I like doing the VBS drama sessions, I just don't like the planning/setup that needs to be done beforehand. I wish I could just walk in on the evening of the 22nd and have everything (and everyone) ready.

I decided I'm going to start turning off my plugin at night because my "sleep" playlist is skewing my top artists chart towards Bebo Norman, David Gray, Shawn Mullins and Dido. If I don't have it collecting data at night it should start to look more normal. I think I also finally got the plugin to pull data off of my iPod, since I have that running for a minimum of 3 hours a day while I'm driving.

Today was a nice, lazy day. I didn't do much except read, and watch Lost, and cuddle with the kitties, plus dinner and a little bit of laundry. Tomorrow should be another nice, lazy day. And then back to work for another week.

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