Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm so glad we didn't fly to NJ

Apparantly the government thinks that "maximum flexibility" means being able to bend the constitution any way they want to. Because neighbors reporting suspicious activity in the UK somehow means we need to give up even more US freedoms.

New math: too many cell phones + arabic last name = they're gonna blow up a bridge!!!

Apparantly the US bullied the UK into arresting the "hair gel bombers" even though many UK authorities believed there was no imminent danger. As in, no one had a plane ticket; some didn't even have a passport.

E-mails from the sheeple, posted on
If it wasn't for "annoying" security checks, these people wouldn't have been caught and the complaining people might have become our next photoboard of loved ones.
Riiight, soooo, I guess you must not know how to read, because all the news reports said that the suspects had been under surveillance, some for almost a year, and that the police had been tipped off by a report of suspicious activity by a neighbor.
And as for the people complaining about on-board restrictions, stop being so selfish. Authorities just possibly saved hundreds maybe thousands of lives.
So the best response is to lock the barn door after the horse is gone, because surely they must be out of ideas now. We're so smart.
I'm tired of people being upset for having to throw away liquids and gels! Come on people there is a sick group out there that is trying to blow your plane up and you want to complain! Get over yourself and your designer perfumes and listen to what the government is trying to do to keep you safe. I think no carry-on luggage should be in affect as of yesterday, lets keep everyone alive and safe.
You've obviously never flown. Because showing up at your destination, while your luggage shows up 1000 miles away, leaving you with no change of clothes, no medication, no glasses/contacts, no wallet/keys/phone is guaranteed to get your trip off to a good start. When the airlines have a 100% success rate with checked baggage, then I'll gladly give up my carry-on in the name of safety.
Thank God that the majority of people know that they too must be active and compliant in this and do all that they can to help prevent any future tragedies.
Thank God there's still a minority of people who aren't willing to bend over and have the US constitution shoved up their butt, by some government crony, in the name of providing an illusion of safety.

The *real* terrorist plot? Makes sense to me.

Oh, and apparantly the world's going to end on August 22nd anyways. Guess I don't need to worry about that thesis committee presentation after all!

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