Sunday, August 27, 2006

Weekends go too fast

I can't believe this one's almost over :-( I don't wanna go to work tomorrow!

I have found a neat show on Style OnDemand - "How Do I Look?" It's where an unfortunate fashion victim (so far I've watched goth-mom, a woman that only wore pink thrift-store purchases, and a skinny woman that only wore overalls, sweats, and mens XL T-shirts) gets made-over by two friends and a stylist. Each person throws out some of the stuff from the victim's closet and then create three outfits plus a hair and makeup recommendation, and then the victim has to pick one of the "collections" for their makeover. It's pretty entertaining, and I like a lot of the outfits that they put together. I think I'd be good at makeovers. Feel free to ask for one, I have tons of ideas.

We had Kim and Mike's shower yesterday; it turned out pretty nice (although I was a little disappointed at the turnout - I invited 27 people and only 10 made it). I made way too much food, and we played Dating Game and Wedding Trivia. The Dating Game was pretty entertaining; we pitted Carly and Eric (the seasoned couple) against Kim and Mike. Team Nusbaum won by one question. The best answer of the day was deemed to be Eric's response to the question "What would you say is her worst habit?" He wrote "Assumes I remember what she told me earlier" after Carly had ragged on him for not getting something in the first round that she claims to have told him. Other funny responses from Mike were "Your Mom!" to the question "Who in her family would she say she is most like?" and after I asked the question "Which of his friends does she like the least?" Mike asked me how did I spell my name. Har har.

We watched an episode of MST3K later that evening - Samson and the Vampire Women. It was as craptastic as you would expect.

Today was just church and lounging around. I was somewhat productive. Matt amazingly wanted to get chinese food for dinner, so we finally tried out Chop Stix. It was pretty good. We'll definitely be ordering again.

Oh, and I finally got my birthday present from my mom and was the pink leather tote bag that I wanted!! Hooray! I love it love it love it, it's so cute.

I'll be in The Netherlands in like two weeks...that's awesome :-)

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