Friday, August 25, 2006

You ain't seen nothing yet?

I just got a spam e-mail with the subject line "Time to save more ubteoe." I don't know what ubteoe is, but now I'm really worried that I'm not saving enough of it!

I am very happy that Plan B is being allowed to go forward as a "behind the counter" drug. Although it won't remove the problem of uninformed pharmacists withholding it from patients on moral grounds, I still think it is a big step forward in terms of access for people who need it. On the same subject, I am very angry at and Concerned Women for America for writing out and out lies on their webpages regarding this issue, such as "Plan B is an abortifacent drug" (courtesy of f.o) and that Plan B contains "25 times the amount of hormones as regular birth control pills" (courtesy of CWA).

On another topic, my parents took Alyssa to the emergency room last night :-( She's been having some kind of allergic reaction to something this week - hives, face and hands swelling, etc. and yesterday she was having trouble breathing. They still don't know what it is she's reacting to but she's doing okay today so far.

I've been pretty bored this week since my meeting on Wednesday. There hasn't been much to do the past couple days, and I don't have anything else to work on that's not in the lab. I have started working on the coloring book I got last week (I hate saying "adult coloring book" because it sounds awfully tawdry). I've finished one easy one (nice and symmetrical) and I'm currently about a third of the way through a "crazy" one without any real patterns. I'm trying to make some method out of the madness, but I'm pretty sure it'll end up being a "this is your brain on drugs" thing in the end. I might scan a couple and post them for kicks when I'm done. (**I just realized that the way this paragraph was worded makes it sound like I'm coloring at work. I'm not.)

I wish I didn't have to sit here all day at work, because I've still got a ton of stuff to do for Kim and Mike's shower tomorrow! I think my birthday present from my parents might come today? I hope so, because I really want to know what it is! I also ordered my last bit of stuff from Old Navy that I wanted (including a SUPER CUTE short black trench-coat that I absolutely cannot wait to wear...the weather needs to cool off a bit first though) and the neat thing was, aside from getting $25 off, it was also during the MD sales tax holiday so I didn't have to pay any sales tax either. Awesome! It shipped today, so my guess is I'll be able to get it by Wednesday or Thursday.

Alright, I guess I'm about done here for now. Peace out homeslice (that's especially for you, Ryan!)


goodbye said...

Ha, you said 'tawdry'. :)

Ryan said...

Yay! I'm popular! ;)