Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cah-raaaaaaazy cats

Roxie Pants! Randi's pants, to be specific.

Yes Randelinamire, I still have your pants that you loaned me almost 4 years ago after hot-tubbing with G. Yes, they've been packed and unpacked through three separate moves. No, I haven't worn them :-)

And since we're on the subject of cats, here's one I forgot to post a while back, of Roxie and Max getting ready for a trip through the washing machine.

(No, we don't actually launder our cats. Please don't call PETA.)


Matt Green said...

I read the line about preparing the cats for a trip through the washing machine and thought, "hey, thats a good idea...". Then, I read how you don't actually do it, and imply it is cruel.

Reminds me of another pet story. In middle school, a friend of mine was told to go walk his dog. What he did instead was put his dog on the treadmill, pull a chair up beside the dog, and hold onto the leash so it'd HAVE to walk. Meanwhile, Roy just watched TV. Unfortunately, the dog ended up falling off the treadmill and breaking its leg. (Roy probably put the speed up too high.)

Randi said...

ooooh, those pants!! yeah, I vaguely remember them :) I think they probably fit Roxie better than they would fit me now... good times :)