Wednesday, September 20, 2006


A couple things I forgot in my previous posts:

- Beverages: Sourcy = good, Cassis = bad (Sourcy is like Sprite but not as sicky sweet, as they don't use high fructose corn syrup in their beverages. Cassis is blueberry juice and carbonated water, which sounds like it would be okay but it's really not.)

- Taxis: All the taxis are Mercedes, BMWs, and...Peugots. I didn't even know they still made those. I'm not sure I've ever seen a real Peugot before, much less rode in one.

- The Dutch: I think everyone in Amsterdam smokes and rides bicycles. Sometimes at the same time. We saw one woman riding a bike in a skirt and heels, smoking and talking on a cell phone. It was pretty impressive. They also have elaborate contraptions to tote their kids around on the bikes.

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