Monday, September 18, 2006

Travel Post, Part I

The first of a three-part series. It's been so long since I posted (though not as long as Steve!) and I've done so much that I decided to break this up into a couple separate posts for easier reading and commenting.

So, we went to Blacksburg for Kim and Mike's wedding on the 8th. We got in to B'burg around 12:30 and met Matt and Sarah at Fazoli's for the first of our throwbacks to the college dining heyday. The pasta and breadsticks were as good as I had remembered, which isn't too bad for fast food italian. We went to their place after lunch and hung out for an hour or so before the rehersal.

The rehersal was a little rushed, partly because several key people were running late (so we had various others stepping in and out of their roles, which occasionally got a little confusing) and we *had* to be out by 4pm because the church was setting up for a concert that evening prior to the wedding the next day. I was paired with Mike's friend Lane, who was just a hair shorter than me when I was in heels the next day. Matt was one of the door holders, so he was at the rehersal as well. Kim gave us our gifts at the end of the rehersal; I got the Burts Bees hand care and foot care sets and Sweet Pea lotion and room spray, while Matt got the Harrington on Hold'Em poker workbook. We then went to the rehersal dinner at the Sigma Grill in the VT Corporate Research Center. It was a nice little place, and after the meal Matt and I played pool. I won the first game and he won the second; by then there wasn't enough time for a rematch as most people were starting to leave.

We headed back to Matt and Sarah's place, after which I got a call that the girls *were* going out that night. So I went back over to the hotel, and a few of us took Kim out for the evening. We had to go to Wal-mart first, as we needed something to identify her as the bride-to-be, and because everyone goes to Wal-mart in college. We jazzed her up with some pink fixins and a bride's veil, and throughout the night had at least half a dozen people ask her "Is it your birthday?" We were taking pictures in the front of the store when the greeter came over and told us that it was against Wal-mart's policy to allow photographs without the permission of a customer service representative. Okay, everyone who's ever taken a picture inside of Wal-mart, please raise your hand. That's what I thought. So we just left and went to Applebees for munchies and drinks afterwards, where the waitstaff was MUCH more helpful than Wal-mart in taking pictures of us. Thank you, Andrew (our waiter) and Amy (the hostess)!

When I got back around 10:30 (can't keep the bride out too late the night before her wedding!) Dave and Christin, the other couple that was staying with Matt and Sarah had gotten there and everyone was drinking daquiris and playing Dirty Minds. I joined in with the next two games and won both of them. Then we played Battle of the Sexes, which was thoroughly entertaining. The guys won, but only because about halfway through the game they got a card that let them move one of their pieces into the endzone; otherwise it was very close. The best moment of the night, in my opinion, was during the question "What is the distance between the pitcher's mound and home plate?" posed to the girls. None of us knew, but Sarah knew that it was 90 feet base-to-base. So I did some quick trig estimates in my head using 90 feet as the hypotenuse of a right triangle. Then this was said:
Me: It's somewhere between 50 and 60 feet.
Matt (Holding the card): I need a more specific answer.
Me: 60 feet.
Matt: Sorry, it's 60 feet, 6 inches.
Me: I did TRIG IN MY HEAD and you're going to dock me for 6 inches?
Matt: Those are the rules.
Me: I'll dock you 6 inches!!

Anyway, by the time we went to bed it was 2:30am, and I had to be at the salon at 9am for hair and nails. So needless to say, I was pretty tired the next morning. I had my nails done first, and while I thought the pedicure was great, I was less than impressed with the manicure. She put the polish on way too thick, so that 3 hours later it was still gummy and I was messing it up on my dress hanger. Then I had my hair straightened and pinned back. We went back to the hotel to eat lunch from Macado's (yet another B'burg throwback) and then over to the church to get dressed. I was the last one ready because I had to help Kim lace up the back of her dress, but it was still in plenty of time for pictures. The wedding went well; as Kim said immediately afterwards "No one fainted, no one gave birth!" (Her sister Jessica was 9 months pregnant).

The reception was nice - we were seated with Matt and Sarah, Carly and Eric, Matt Green, and Ryan at the "West Ambler Johnston" table (all the table cards were the names of buildings at VT). They played the Hokie Pokie, of course, as well as the electric slide (as she's getting up, Carly says "I've never been to a wedding where I haven't done the electric slide!") and the YMCA for the guys, because they had to wait for the garter toss since Kim realized right before it that she had never put the garter on and had to run back to her room to get it. After the reception was over we changed and went over to Jim's place, where a bunch of people from the wedding as well as Nick and Paul were watching the Texas-OSU game. I was disappointed that Texas played so poorly, but it was good times nonetheless.

We went to Owens with a bunch of people on Sunday for lunch. I wanted a chicken taco salad, but for some reason they redid the menu and the taco salad no longer comes in the shell bowl, which was like the best part. So I had a philly cheese steak and a smoothie instead. We went to the bookstore after that, so that Matt could get a new VT hat; I also got a VT t-shirt that actually fits instead of the one I got from Ryan that I can only sleep in. We drove back in the afternoon and got some chinese food for dinner so I wouldn't have to cook, and I spent the rest of the night doing laundry and packing for the rest of the week.

A small photoset of pictures from the reception is here; I didn't get that many and I wasn't able to take any at the wedding (since I was in it) but hopefully Kim will put hers online when they come back so I'll be able to swipe a few from there then.

Thus ends the first chapter - keep reading for more!

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