Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why, UPS?

Why do you hate me?

I am just having NO luck with packages lately. I paid for two-day shipping on my Payless order (black boots and pink flats). I placed the order on the 3rd, and for whatever reason, it didn't actually ship until the 6th. Okay, so that meant they'd try to deliver on the 8th, which didn't work for me because we're leaving at 7:30am tomorrow for Blacksburg. I asked at the UPS center and they said I could call before 9am tomorrow and ask them to hold it (instead of trying to deliver it) and I can pick it up on Monday before I left. WELL, I just looked at the tracking info, which previously confirmed my two-day delivery, and now it's been rescheduled for delivery on the 11th. Which is NOT two-day shipping, but five-day shipping instead, and now I won't get the package until after I get back from Amsterdam.

AND I placed yet another order at Old Navy on the 2nd, including a bracelet that I wanted to wear with my outfit for the rehersal dinner tomorrow, except it didn't get picked up by UPS until an hour ago. So I won't have that until I get back either. RAWR.

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